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I’m about to build a blog. it’s a format that seems to me to be just up my street. Free, flexible and (I hope) fun and informative.

My plan is to use it as a website, to present both current, past and future art projects, and also to supply day to day updates on my work here in Somerset.

A major part of that work is to run courses on aluminium etching, which is a technique that we have developed here at the Dove Studios without a lot of outside input. I gleaned a bit from the internet about it, and then used my courses as a sort of laboratory to develop the techniques and discover new ones. Now everyone on the courses is discovering new methods almost daily. This blog will be a way of disseminating useful information and perhaps setting up a forum with persons as yet unknown.

Video is another area I am involved in, and of course a blog is perfect for posting videos. Even just the odd clip, never mind the fully edited films. Plus, the occasional good photo or two.

So, step by step, my blog will be built, starting today.

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