Life Class at the Dove


Today was the first of 5 life drawing sessions that will take place in the upstairs studio at the Dove during April and May. It was organised on an impulse, really, after a break of about 15 years from life drawing. I wasn’t the only rusty life draughtsman there: just about everyone who came was in the same condition. And so it was that we met today in the space that I had prepared with a mounting feeling of excitement and anticipation. Keith Langlois came over yesterday to rig up the lighting, and today I hung up the black backdrop, made a plinth from a pallet, and covered the old sofa in velvet. It’s Keith’s belief that you don’t have to ‘teach’ people drawing from life: if you create a set for the model with clear and dramatic top and side lighting, people will be able to ‘see’ better and will therefore draw better. In the event it was a hard, focused three hours of concentrated silence, and I was reminded of that particular quality and function of the life class: that in following an old tradition of gathering together to draw one of our own kind, we meet to probe, to accept and to celebrate our humanness.

  1. sounds lovely, wish I had been there, though I’m deep into painting poision flower fairies at the moment!

    • ….’poison’ flower fairies, even. Two and a half paintings in and i still have not learnt to spell the word without the aid of a spell checker…

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