Mini Print Course in Lauzerte

pop up 6

Plates in the copper sulphate bath

Etching course in Lauzerte, in a beautiful building at the top of the hill of this hilltop town, put at the disposal of a group of artists ((Adpic) by the mayor, M Jean-Claude Giordana, himself an artist, but where would you find this in Britain? So this is where our exhibition is – ‘our’ being four print artists, Dominique Medard, Marjon Mudde, Ros Marchant and me, plus the Dove mini prints. And, as I explained in my last post, we had turned a couple of side rooms into a ‘pop up’ studio for the 2 day course. Enter the students: 6 very keen people with quite a bit of artistic experience between them (but all new to aluminium etching), and voila, we had a fabulous time. Here are some pictures (the etchings are all 10 x 10 cms)

Pop up 5

Sitting round the table

pop up 7

Liz examines her print

Stage 7

The etching baths – outside

Etching by Vanessa Godfrey

Etching by Vanessa Godfrey

Stage 12

Etching by Marie-Claude Laborie

Pop up 3

Etching by Jean-Francois Delorme

Stage 11

Etching by Marjolaine Favreau

Stage 10

Etching by Catherine Vielcanet


Etching by Liz Halls-Moore

Lunch in the gallery

Taking a break in my gallery

Many thanks to Ros Marchant for facilitating the course and being my ‘Jolie Assistante”, and to Marjon Mudde, the co-ordinator of ‘Accomplissements’, for being so welcoming, and also for taking some of these photos. I’ve had a fabulous time here, and it isn’t over yet!  I’ve moved into the pop-up studio….here’s yesterday’s etching:

Lauzerte Suite 1

Etching by Bronwen Bradshaw

and lastly, I can’t resist showing you the Saturday market (today) that reminded me of all that’s best about France:

Lauzerte Market 16.4.16

Saturday Market, Lauzerte

  1. Jane said:

    Really beautiful prints. Would love to know about their starting points.

    • Their starting points were generally a complete unknowingness about what was going to come next. The best state to be in when creating work, in my opinion.

    • Miss you too! Ros and I are now playing with the idea of a Dove/Espace twinning…it’s already started, really. We just need a committee now (excuse to come here and have a great time, and vice versa)!

  2. Jeremy said:

    Wonderful work, Bronwen. A joy yo see and read about. And I am inspired to have a go, some time. Jeremy Harvey

  3. Love your print. Lucky you to be in France and printmaking. Anna

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